Hypno Tip

Have you been meaning to meditate, be mindful and manifest a better day but just can’t find the time to get it all in? Mini mantra’s are a great way to pause, quickly but meaningfully and to set your tone for the day. There is also a hypnotic aspect to it because in mantra form the repetition is helping you plug into the subconscious where behavior is affected. Take the time to do it right before you get out of bed or even in the shower if that’s where you have the best shot at some quiet time. take 5 to 10 minutes for this.
Here are the steps
1. Think of one or two short phrases that encompass your goals or intention for the day, you can even throw in something you are working on long term, if you like. Example: “Today, my actions will always come from love. Or.. Today I am punctual and move through my day with ease and happiness. Or… I will treat my mind and body well, I release the need to snack when I am not truly hungry.
2. Close your eyes and repeat your “mantra”. Consciously make an effort to relax and refresh each part of your body. Example: Imagine relaxing all the muscles in your head while accepting a refreshed and rejuvenated feeling. Speak or think your mantra and move on to the next body part.
3. Once you have moved through your entire body, speak or think your mantra one last time and instruct yourself to now become fully aware of your environment feeling joyful and ready to start your day.
Don’t worry, you won’t get stuck in a hypnotic trance. Even if you forget to bring yourself “back up”, your state of hypnosis will gradually recede naturally. Also, don’t become impatient if you find your mind wandering, like traditional meditation, it can be a learning experience getting used to this new process, just keep trying. Like I said, the mantra is very helpful in keeping you focused on the task at hand while effectively putting you into a very deeply, relaxed state.

Announcement: Healthy Living Hypnosis, Now Healthy Living Hypnosis & Massage

Andrea Moss Autry, CHt, LMT will be adding massage therapy to her menu of services beginning in early IMG_1328October 2015. Andrea currently provides mind, body and spirit services through hypnotherapy and reiki.  She focuses her practice on the management of pain and chronic medical conditions, cancer, addiction, PTSD, anxiety, depression and stress.  “I’m thrilled to be able to offer additional services now as a licensed massage therapist.  Being able to use touch as a stand alone therapy or integrated with either hypnosis, reiki or both can be a very powerful tool and can help facilitate life changing results.”

She is available by appointment only via Skype, phone or in person.