Every person naturally enters into some state of hypnosis several times per day depending on what part of the brain they are using for a task.  Relaxation of the body and mind allows the client to gain easier access to those parts of our psyche that affect habits, memory and personality characteristics where the client would like to affect a change or release.


  • Traditional, guided hypnotherapy allows the client to attain positive behavior modification through visualization and suggestion
  • Analytical hypnotherapy can be used when it is necessary to create a dialogue in order to recognize and release behaviors, habits or fears
  • Timeline regression allows the client “travel back” in order to modify behavior or release emotions or events relating to trauma


  • Using a combination of hypnotherapy, cranial sacral massage and reiki this session is designed to be a joint effort between the therapist and the client


  • Dolores Cannon’s technique for past life regression involves inducing a deep sleep-like state through visualization




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